Grey Hope: the persistence of melancholy
Client—Atopia Projects
Editors—Sigrid Sandstrom and Atopia Projects
Production—Regal Printing
210 mm by 170 mm, perfect bound

Grey Hope is a collection of essays and visual contributions on melancholy. Here, this oft-maligned sensibility is understood as an active, if sought out, aspect of experience that serves the individiual.

Two types of paper were used, a heavy weight stock for art reproduction and a very light weight stock for the texts and segues. This creates a natural, tactile sectioning to the book. A subtle grey color is produced by making section breaks a solid black that, from the opposite side of the page, appear grey due to the transparency of the light paper stock.

Contributions from Karin Mamma Andersson, Daniel Birnbaum & Anders Olsson, Brian Dillon, Peter Doig, Lucy Gunning, Lars Gustafsson, Per Kirkeby, Jennifer Radden, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson and Richard Wright