The Architecture of Paul Rudolph
Client—Yale University Press
Author—Timothy Rohan
9 by 11.5 inches, case bound

In his work, the architect Paul Rudolph presents a dichotomy between the "construction of decoration" and the "decoration of construction." This distinction is the starting point for the book's design. Specifically, we used a knife-cut opening of the fore edge to create a rough face on the book block. In this way we arrive at a physical detail derived from the manufacture process that exposes the character of the materials — this operation could be understood as analogous with the bush-hammered concrete surfaces of Rudolph.

Many of the design decisions flow from that initial move, ie, images do not bleed on the fore edge, but may at the head and tail; sans-serif type only to avoid any connotation of "antiquing" that might be conferred from the rough fore edge; moreover, the simple stacking of images and the tall columns of type respond to the monumentality of the work. Through these strategies we arrive at a design schema that aligns with the content without resorting to mimicry.