New Geographies 4: Scales of the Earth
Client—Harvard Graduate School of Design
Production—Regal, Hong Kong
Publisher/Distributor—Harvard GSD / Harvard University Press
8 by 10 in., 184 pages, Sewn signatures with paper cover
Editor—El Hadi Jazairy

Scales of the Earth is the second issue of New Geographies we have designed. Each one has a different design approach and this one took quite a different form than the first issue we did, After Zero. Editor El Hadi Jazairy had assembled a set of essays that charted out the contemporary geographical imagination under the influences of GIS, GoogleEarth, aerial photography. The issue is both reflective and projective, featuring projects by Julian De Smedt, MVRDV and others.

Our role in the project was expanded to include an image essay, printed in black on yellow paper. Influenced by Godard's trailer for his 2010 film Socialism, the essay is meant to describe a suspended space where images may free associate and meaning is not pinned down. Scale, a strong determinant in the essays of the book, becomes more ambiguous in the image essay.