New Geographies: After Zero
Client—Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Production—Regal Printing
Editors—Neyran Turan and Stephen Ramos
8 inches by 10 inches, 160 pages, sewn paperback

New Geographies is a journal edited by Neyran Turan and Stephen Ramos at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. The journal assembles critical essays and projects in architecture and urbanism that focus on the developing effects of globalization and how designers may direct these forces. This issue, the second in the series, has contributions from Pier Vittorio Aureli/Martino Tattara, Albert Pope, Keller Easterling, Peter Hall, Joseph Grima and many others. Each article develops its own character based on its content and how that content interacts with the journal's organizational structure.

The design uses an assembly of light/glossy and heavy/matte papers, strict/script typography, tactility/visuality. Editorial content (both text and image) has its own visual character to contrast with contributor's content; achieved through paper type/color/typeface. Additionally, a "cloud," made up of multiple lines in various colors and types, began as an endslug marking the end of an article, but grew, expanding and contracting in density in order to affect pacing and provide another tool to navigate the journal.